We have curated a multitude educational activities so you can choose the type best suited for you. Take a look at our products and services below and choose those that you specifically need. Then, let us help you become, or stay, clinically incredible.


As one of the first fully online critical care transport training programs, we have been doing this a long time- since 2009! We have crafted several products, including books and online training modules, as well as outstanding services, including in-person courses to help you become, or stay, clinically incredible. Take a look...

Our Product and Service Categories

All of our content is categorized based on how you will utilize the content. Need to prepare for an upcoming exam or learn the critical care industry tricks-of-the-trade? Then look at your MeduPrep products and services. If you simply want to practice for an upcoming exam or simulation training, then our MeduPrac category will have the products and services for you. You want us to make sure you are ready to go out into the world and take care of the most critically ill or injured patients? Then check out our MeduVet category of offerings centered around truly testing your competency. Click one of the shields below for a list of educational activities in these categories.


The MeduPrep products are a series of study materials. If you think of studying for these exams, and subsequently real life, you need to understand the basics. These products help obtain the basic and foundational knowledge for a field of study. Some learn best by watching videos, by reading textbooks, or in a classroom. Still others rather scenarios- at Meducation Specialists, we have it all.


Our MeduPrac products are designed to help the clinician-learner polish their critical care knowledge with practice exams and scenarios.  The key to preparing for these difficult exams (and difficult real-life patients) is practicing. Don't over-read a topic. Once you understand a topic, STOP reading about it and start practicing how you'll be tested. That means take practice tests and real- world scenarios.


Once you understand the foundations and details of a topic enough to do well on practice tests and scenarios, then it is time for an outside party to vet you to make sure you understand every major concept. It's called the MeduVet. You'll be asked a series of questions covering all of the tested material and then provided a report on your strengths, weaknesses, and your overall exam readiness.

Are you ready for the next critical care patient that needs you?