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We have everything you need from starter study material to products that polish up your knowledge. We classify our library into types and categories. Types are specific to the type of media or experience. We have 4 different product types: In-Person Courses, Online Courses, Textbooks, and 1-0n-1 Activities. We have 3 categories: MeduPrep products, MeduPrac products, and MeduVet products. Below you'll find the 3 categories and the specific products color coded to their type.

MeduPrep Products

Excellence in Critical Care Transport

This is our full ONLINE critical care certification preparation course. It is 13 information-packed chapters that breaks down every topic you'll need to master to ace the exam. This is an at-your-own-pace course hosted online.

Swearingen's Resource and Study Guide

This is a 500-page, full-color TEXTBOOK that includes 20 in-depth case studies and a complete content dive into critical care transport medicine.

MeduPrep Course

This is a 2 day, IN-PERSON course (can be expanded to 5 days- email us for more info). It is to be used as a refresher for critical care certifications, a test prep for a critical care certification exam, or an update course to keep you r knowledge sharp.

Vent Hero Boot Camp

This course includes 2 days of content that can be delivered in a variety of ways. It is split into an IN-PERSON portion and ONLINE portion. Each class varies, but always has at least 1  full in-person day, and some have 2 in-person days. Please see the VHBC Course Information page HERE. going over all aspects of mechanical ventilation in transport, focusing on troubleshooting and problem-solving. We are getting these courses booked fast, so if you'd like us to come and deliver one, simply email us below.

Advanced Street Medic Course

This is an amazing 2 day IN-PERSON course that is chocked full with all kinds of critical care- based methodologies and strategies that can be applied to the standard ground paramedic routine. It is the critical care we all should be doing along with the ‘why’ we should be doing it. We removed all the items you won't ever need from the standard critical care courses. While you may have learned a lot of this while in paramedic school, we’ll take it deeper while still being practical.

MeduPrac Products

Vent Hero (2nd Edition)

Want to get knee-deep into mechanical ventilation? This newly re-drafted TEXTBOOK has 80 more pages than the first edition further exploring advanced modes, physiology, and new practice problems.

Vent Hero: CASES

This TEXTBOOK is the perfect companion to the Vent Hero textbooks. It offers over 30 cases with mid-case issues and problems, as well as well explained rationales.

Vent Hero (1st Edition)

Seriously, only get this one if you wanting it as a collectors item. This was an Amazon Best Seller, and still is as of early 2019. Grab your commemorative copy!

Calc Hero

This skill TEXTBOOK in our Critical Care Hero series covers a unique approach to calculating medications. Seriously- its amazing and being used in paramedic programs around the world.

ABG Hero

Another skill TEXTBOOK in our Critical Care Hero series covers a multitude of approaches to interpreting arterial blood gasses. This text has over 60 practice cases!

Hemo Hero

This skill TEXTBOOK walks the clinician-learner how to interpret hemodynamic monitoring and manage the patient's specific shock state. There are 30 practice cases in this book.

ExAM for Critical Care

This is a test question BOOK filled with over 300 high level questions for the clinician-learner about to take a difficult certification exam.

FishBone Practice Exams

Similar to the ExAM for Critical Care book to the left, this is a bank of test ONLINE questions that will test your critical care transport knowledge. These high caliber questions match common certification exams.


This TEXTBOOK is my personal "how-to" manual explaining all the non-clinical things I've learned about the Air Medical Field. How to survive your first year, and beyond.


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