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Vent Hero Boot Camp


This course is a 2 day IN-PERSON course focusing on Ventilator management. Day 1 covers the basics of ventilator management as well as a multitude of practice cases. Day 2 goes on to cover advanced topics like mimicking various vent modes such as PRVC and APRV, in addition to exploring advanced pathophysiologies. The second day can be either in-person or via a high-fidelity online simulation with global feedback (feedback at every step of the simulation). Discounts given to all those who have purchased Vent Hero: Online (email

Want to Host a Vent Hero Boot Camp Course?

It's pretty simple, plus it is FREE for you a 2 others. All we need is a classroom to get it going. If you have a classroom we can use for 2 days, then send me (Charlie) an email and we'll start planning.

Vent Hero Boot Camp: The Plan

In this first day you will master:

  • Basic ventilator setup
  • Minute ventilation
  • Patient-ventilator synchrony
  • Common ventilator changes following initial setup.


Day 2 dives deeper into common ventilator pitfalls including:

  • Pediatric mechanical ventilation,
  • Infant mechanical ventilation
  • ARDS management
  • COPD management
  • Asthma management
  • Hypotension-based management
  • Cardiogenic shock management

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