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Oxygen Pimp Can Holder

Oxygen Pimp Can Holder

Presenting the 'Oxygen Pimp' Coffee Tumbler, a unique tribute to your pivotal role in the world of emergency and critical care medicine. This 12-ounce hard-shell koozie carries our exclusive 'Oxygen Pimp' graphic and the prestigious MeduPros logo, making it a conversation starter and a badge of honor.

In the fields of emergency and critical care medicine, our primary goal is to facilitate the vital union of oxygen and sugar in our patients' bodies, a process academically termed ‘metabolism’ but we humorously refer to it in our classes as the 'oxygen conjugal visit.' When oxygen and sugar meet to make 'sweet, sweet love,' heat, water, CO2, and energy (ATP) are produced, staving off acidosis and keeping our patients alive.

As clinicians, we play the role of the 'Oxygen Pimp,' ensuring that oxygen and sugar continue to hook up and 'get it on.' This pivotal role is at the heart of emergency and critical care medicine, and our 'Oxygen Pimp' tumbler is a reminder of the life-saving work we do every day.

Crafted for durability, this hard-shell koozie ensures your off-duty beverages stay cold through your much needed off-time. It's more than just a beverage holder—it's a testament to your essential role in preventing acidosis and facilitating life.


Embrace your unique role as an 'Oxygen Pimp' with our exclusive hard-shell koozie.


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