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Guided Patient Refresher (GPS): Refresher

Guided Patient Refresher (GPS): Refresher

Guided Patient Scenarios (GPS): Refresher Course

Introducing the Guided Patient Scenarios (GPS): Refresher Course, a revolutionary approach to re-certification tailored specifically for critical care and flight nurses and paramedics. This unique course leverages the power of automated virtual preceptors to lead clinicians through engaging case scenarios, transforming the traditional learning model.

Innovative Learning Methodology: Experience a dynamic, case-based learning approach where your answers guide your journey. Answer correctly, and you swiftly progress; answer incorrectly, and receive targeted mini-lectures (3-5 minutes long) focused precisely on the areas you need to improve.

Personalized Education: Each clinician’s experience is unique and customized. The GPS system adapts to your knowledge level, providing lectures only on topics where you need reinforcement. This tailored approach ensures efficient and effective learning, respecting your existing expertise.

Credit for Knowledge: With GPS: Refresher, you earn credit for what you already know. By bypassing lecture content for correctly answered questions, you focus only on areas that require attention, making your learning experience more relevant and concise.

Comprehensive Coverage and CE Credits: The course encompasses approximately 20 GPS cases, each journeying through assessment, diagnosis, management, and review, including remediation loops with mini-lectures. Successfully completing the course awards you 24 Continuing Education (CE) credits, fulfilling a significant portion of your re-certification requirements.

Cost-Effective Learning Solution: Priced at $100, the GPS: Refresher Course offers an affordable yet high-value pathway to meet your re-certification needs.

Why Choose GPS: Refresher Course?

The GPS: Refresher Course is not just a training program; it's a smart investment in your professional development. Designed to challenge first and then teach, it reverses the conventional lecture-quiz format, providing a more engaging, efficient, and personalized learning experience. Ideal for busy healthcare professionals, this course allows you to refresh and enhance your critical care skills effectively, ensuring you remain at the forefront of patient care excellence. Enroll now and experience a tailored learning journey like no other.

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