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SimVS EMS Simulator

​SimVS EMS Virtual Simulation System is a tablet based clinical education solution incorporating a variety of monitor types to create highly realistic and immersive scenarios. SimVS provides monitoring solutions across all specialties and can be used with SP’s, manikins, or full body simulators.

The PLUS version includes a MECHANICAL VENTILATOR simulator as well!


Several Skins and Modes

  • SimVS Platform Benefits

    • Simulate realistic monitor operations across a variety of patient conditions
    • Train a variety of clinical skills such as: multitasking, prioritization, pattern recognition, and more!
    • Extensive preprogrammed scenario library & scenario booklet
    • Over 200 cardiac and respiratory waveforms
    • One price, no annual fees or hidden costs
    • Easy setup & free training
  • SimVS EMS Package Preprogrammed Scenarios

    • 50 lesson plans including: Abdominal Pain, Anaphylaxis- Pediatric, Asthma- Pediatric, Bradycardia, COPD, Diabetic Emergency, Electrical Burn, Heat Emergency, Head Injury, Normal Delivery, Partial Amputation, Poisoning Overdose, Psychiatric, Seizure, Stroke, Multisystem Trauma, Pneumothorax, Soft Tissue Burn, Tachycardia
    • Covers all IOOH Paramedic portfolio topics as well as Appendix G topics
    • SimVS Scenario Builder allows for quick & easy creation of new scenarios/editing existing scenarios
  • Popular Features

    • Instructor write-ups included with pre-programmed scenarios
    • Easily project tablet for online learning
    • FREE student app for student's cell phone

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