Finally, a Vent simulator that has real problems built in!

VentiSim with Vent Hero Cases

Using tablets , VentiSim provides an advanced platform to simulate realistic ventilator operations for a wide range of patient conditions for far less cost than traditional simulation systems. VentiSim is ideal for programs needing to simulate ventilator operations on a limited budget.  Lower priced than any comparable product on the market.If you already own iPad tablets and would like to use your own the system price will be adjusted to credit this. VentiSim comes pre-programmed with a complete library of Swearingen's Vent Hero scenarios.  Running the scenarios can be done with a few selections on the instructor tablet. ​We offer a complete training suite to get programs quickly up and running.

COST: $3,995.00

Using an instructor tablet, the clinical educator can make pre-programmed changes into the vent after the student makes a correct or incorrect vent change in real-time!

The base model comes with 2 tablets, a scenario workbook, a carry bag that resembles a monitor or ventilator, and an assortment of cables. 

Are you ready for the next critical care patient that needs you?



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