Let us show you what MeduPrep, or Flagship in-person critical care short course w/ online companion content, can do.



Jackson, MS

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Get ready to supercharge your critical care skills with our immersive, two-day in-person course - MeduPrep! This action-packed experience is your express ticket to mastering the essential knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the high-stakes world of critical care.

Over the course of these two intensive days, we'll cover everything you need to not just pass, but dominate your critical care certification exams, including the notoriously challenging CFRN, FP-C, CCP-C, and CCRN. MeduPrep is your golden opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

Meet your guide through this exhilarating journey: Charlie Swearingen, the legendary educator celebrated for his unparalleled ability to demystify even the most intricate subjects. He has a knack for turning complex concepts into easily digestible insights, making learning an absolute pleasure. His students affectionately call his teaching style 'amazing and mind-blowing.'

But here's the kicker – the learning doesn't end when the course does! You'll enjoy ongoing access to course materials, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your knowledge whenever it suits you.

MeduPrep isn't just about acing your exam; it's about preparing you for the fast-paced, dynamic world of critical care transport, where every second counts. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in?

Here's what MeduPrep delivers:

🌟 Two days of immersive learning, camaraderie, and hands-on experience

🚀 A comprehensive preparation for critical care certification exams (FP-C, CFRN, CCRN, CCP-C)

🔄 A refresher for those already holding a critical care certification

📅 An annual course updated to stay current with the latest critical care advancements

But that's not all! We'll delve deep into advanced pathophysiology and management across critical topics, including:

💓 Cardiac emergencies

🤰 OB emergencies

👶 Pediatric congenital heart emergencies

👶 Neonatal emergencies

🌬️ Respiratory emergencies

☠️ Toxicology emergencies

🧠 Neurological emergencies

🌬️ Mechanical ventilation

📈 IABP waveforms

📈 PA catheter waveforms

🖥️ Head CTs

🖥️ Chest x-rays

Whether you're seeking an intensive update, gearing up for a certification exam, or simply looking to stay at the forefront of critical care, MeduPrep is your all-in-one solution. Plus, upon completion, you'll earn 16 hours of CE credit, approved by the IBSC (for paramedics) and the California Board of Nursing (for RNs).

So, don't miss your chance to elevate your critical care expertise. Join us at MeduPrep and embark on a thrilling journey towards excellence in critical care!.