Since 2007, we have been innovating the critical care education world, and we have been copied, which is flattering. More importantly, I see innovation by several other educators using formats and platforms that we were the first to use. Its a beautiful thing because we, as educators, want to put out the next great thing. It keeps us working hard for you, the clinician looking for great content. And now, we have done it again for you...

Introducing- MegaCases

Our MegaCases, think megacodes, are massive simulation games putting you in decision-making scenarios and skill sessions to maintain that sexy critical care knowledge. If you get a decision wrong, you are provided a 1-2 minute mini-lecture and 1-2 question quiz to make sure you understand. Then, you are dropped back in the main scenario right where you left off.

Introducing Skill Practices

As stand alone, or integrated into our innovative MegaCases, our SKILL PRACTICE SESSIONS are pretty bad ass. These are skills (tasks, procedures, calculations, inferences, etc.) that we will need to be able to successfully perform as the patient's condition dictates. If we don't use them, we lose them. So, let's practice, shall we?

Simulation Games (coming soon)

If you want to go on a flight or critical care truck call with me and let me put you to the test, then these are for you. We go on call after call, and from dispatch info to patient hand-off, where you are helping me make clinical decisions. Get them right, and get high-fives. Get them wrong, and you'll get a lecture. So, study the posted content before hand, or go in blind to see what you'll really need to work on.