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Clock-in/Clock-out Bundle

Clock-in/Clock-out Bundle

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Introducing the Clock-in/Clock-out Bundle - your ultimate companion for those long shifts . This bundle pairs our signature coffee tumbler with a hard-shell koozie, both adorned with the powerful 'Grim Reaper Tears' lettering and the iconic MeduPros logo.

Start your shift with our sturdy coffee tumbler. Its exceptional insulation ensures your coffee stays hot and fresh, fueling you through even the most challenging days. With the 'Grim Reaper Tears' lettering and MEduPros logo, this tumbler is not just functional, but a statement piece that embodies the resilience and dedication of the medical profession.

When it's time to clock out and unwind, our hard-shell koozie has got you covered. It's designed to keep your 12-ounce beverage cold, allowing you to relax and recharge effectively. Featuring the same striking design as our tumbler, the koozie reinforces your commitment to excellence in critical care, even off the clock.

The Clock-in/Clock-out Bundle is not just about functionality—it's about pride in what you do. Celebrate your commitment to critical care with this exceptional bundle.

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