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Recovery Roadmap Bundle: BASIC

Recovery Roadmap Bundle: BASIC

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Have you already attempted one of these DAUNTING critical care certification exams? Didn't do so well? Well, FEAR NO MORE. With this package, you'll start with a 1-on-1 with our founder, Charles F. Swearingen, for a 30-minute session to figure out your path up to this point, and the path from here to SUCCESSFUL completion of one of the critical care certification exams. Also, you'll get our FishBone Practice exams, which come in multiple formats. You can study 5 questions at a time, 20 questions at a time, or practice a full practice run in preparing you for your certification exam SUCCESS. Finally, you'll get Swearingen's Resource and Study Guide for Critical Care Clinicians, an Amazon's BEST SELLER list in the field of critical care medicine. This is a 450+ page, full-color, outline-styled textbook with all of Swearingen's secrets for not only passing these difficult exams, but also pearls for real-world patients. Snag this bundle TODAY if you are looking to ENSURE you PASS your NEXT certification exam.

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